Don't Take Chances With Your Commercial Building: 3 Signs You Need To Call An Electrician

When you rent your office space, you can call your landlord to take care of repairs. However, if you own your commercial building, you're responsible for the repairs. If you fail to take care of those repairs in a timely manner, you could put yourself and others in danger. This is particularly true when it comes to the electrical system in your office. If your office is experiencing electrical problems, it's crucial that you contact an electrician as soon as possible, especially if the problem involves your electrical wiring. Here are three signs that the wiring in your office is about to fail you.

Your Office Lights are Flickering

When it comes to lighting, flickering is the last thing you want to see in your office. Flickering lights are one of the first signs that your electrical wiring is about to fail you. Flickering can occur when the wiring overheats, when there's a circuit overload, or when there's damage to the actual wires. Unfortunately, if you don't have your wiring repaired as soon as the lights begin flickering, you could end up with an electrical fire in your office.

Your Employees are Suffering Electrical Shocks

Problems with your electrical wiring can lead to unexpected electrical shocks, especially when light fixtures are touched. Electrical shocks can occur when wiring is damaged, or when lighting fixtures are wired improperly. If your office has had a problem with rodents, they could have chewed through the protective covering around the wiring, which could be the cause for the electrical shocks that your employees are experiencing. If you, or your employees are suffering form electrical shocks, it's a good idea to have your electrical wiring inspected.

Your Office Smells Like Burning Wires

If the wiring in your office is old, damaged, or overloaded, it may suffer from overheating. When that happens, you may notice a strong scent of burning wires. In most cases, the odor will come from the walls, electrical outlets, or lighting fixtures. If you've noticed that your office smells like burning wires, you should shut down the office until you can have your electrical system inspected. Continuing to use your office electrical system while the wires are overheating could result in an electrical fire.

Your employees are depending on you to provide a safe working environment for them. To avoid hazardous conditions associated with your electrical system, you need to contact commercial electrician services as soon as you encounter any of the issues described above.

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