How To Minimize Light Pollution From Your Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights are useful both for security and for aesthetic purposes. Unfortunately, people have a tendency of using too much light and lighting up even unnecessary areas – this is the phenomenon known as light pollution. Here are some practical tips for avoiding light pollution:

Ensure the Light Is Aiming In the Right Direction

Even the most modest light bulbs will pollute the environment if they are pointing in the wrong direction. Therefore, install the lights in such a way that they only cover or point at the areas or things you need to illuminate. Check the light fixtures periodically and make the necessary adjustments since they may loosen with time.

Shield the Light Bulbs

Even if you direct the light bulbs in specific directions, they may still illuminate unnecessary parts of your compound or even the sky if they aren't covered. Avoid such scenarios by buying directional bulbs that are covered on all sides except one so that the light only comes out in direction and you can point it downwards. You can also make sure of reflectors or shields to achieve the same effect.

Install Lights That Can Be Controlled

This is another neat away to avoid illumination or unnecessary illumination of the environment. It helps because you will only light up the bulbs when you need them and at the correct brightness. Start by installing individual switches for the bulbs so that you can turn them on and off at will. It's even better if you can install smart lights that you can even control remotely. You can even take it a step further by installing motion sensors and heat detectors so that your security lights only light up when there is an intruder in your compound.

Don't Use Bright Lights Unnecessarily

Note that you shouldn't go for the brightest light bulbs available. Determine how much brightness you need and then buy a bulb that can provide you with that exact level of light. It is easy to opt for the brightest or biggest light possible, but such bulbs will illuminate the environment excessively.

Use Low-Glare Fixtures

Lastly, you can also reduce light pollution by installing low glare fixtures. There are lighting systems that are specifically designed to produce the lowest glare possible, and these are the ones you should install.

If you are already polluting your neighborhood with light, talk to an electrician today for advice on how you can modify the fixtures and systems to reduce the pollution. If you are still planning for outdoor light installation, involve an electrician in the design to avoid polluting the environment.

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