Simple Solutions to See Your Power Bill Go Down by Your Next Billing Cycle

You may thoroughly enjoy the modern conveniences brought to you by electricity, but you probably do not enjoy seeing that big power bill roll in every month. For many folks, the power bill is easily the most expensive utility bill they have. If you are ready to see your power bill go down instead of up, there are a few small changes you can make which will make a difference by your next billing cycle.

Make sure video-game systems are turned off as much as possible.

If you don't already have enough reasons to keep your kids from playing their video games for extended periods of time, there is one more you need to know. Video-game systems that connect to your television actually use a lot of electricity. Take, for example, the Playstation 3. This one game system has the potential to use $31.74 in a 30-day period if it is in use all day long, according to the Runestone Electric Association. Just by limiting usage time and making sure the game systems don't get left on overnight, you will see a drop in your power bill.

Use the cold-water wash setting on your washing machine as often as you can.

You could see a huge drop in how much power it takes to keep your clothing clean just by washing in cold water instead of hot. Hot-water wash cycles use 90 percent of the power involved in cleaning your clothing just to heat the water.

Lower the temperature setting on your hot-water heater.

When people think of power-hogging appliances in their home, most completely forget about their hot-water heater because it is tucked away out of sight and out of mind. However, this appliance could easily be the culprit for higher electric bills every month than is necessary. The higher the temperature setting is on your water heater, the more energy it will drain to keep the water hot and ready for use. The average household actually spends about $781 annually to power the hot-water heater. You could also consider making the change to a tankless hot-water heater, which heats the water pretty much on demand and will save you a ton on electricity costs because of this fact.

There are always things you can do to make some adjustments and save when it comes to power consumption at home. To get more familiar with how much electricity you could be saving, get in touch with an electrician from a company such as Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc for a thorough household assessment.

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