Three Scenarios Where You Will Need An Electrician's Help With Generator Service

Generators, once connected to your home or business, are inclined to run and kick in automatically. However, that does not prevent these machines from having problems. If you experience issues with your generator, you will need an electrician's help to resolve it. Here are three scenarios that clearly show why you will not be able to provide your own generator service when your generator has a problem.

Your Generator Experiences a Backward Power Surge

Like getting zapped with a bolt of electricity or blowing several electrical fuses all at once, a backward power surge into your generator will interrupt the machine's ability to produce a fluid supply of electricity. You should not attempt to take your generator apart to find the problem because there may still be a few wild volts caught in part of the machine and one wrong move might get you electrocuted. The electrician, with his or her protective equipment, would be able to cut the power from your generator, take it apart, find the fried circuits caused by the backfiring electricity, replace these parts, and put everything back together again.

Your Generator Is Not Generating Enough Power

A related problem to the previous one, a generator that does not generate enough power probably has a connection issue or an internal combustion issue (if it is a gas-powered generator). Since you probably do not have the training needed to spot wire and cable connection issues, the electrician would come in and check the fuse box, the wiring and the cables from the generator to the box. Then he or she would check the combustion engine (if applicable) to find out where the generator is having issues.

Your Generator Got Zapped by Lightning

A generator for most homes and businesses sits outside of the home or building. It is often made of metal, and generates electricity, which makes it the perfect target for lightning storms. Even if you are talking about a commercial or industrial generator, there is still a chance that these machines could get zapped by lightning, just like the ones used for residences and small office buildings. While it is a rare occurrence (and rarer still for the enormous industrial generators), it can still happen. The result is a mega power surge that interrupts the generator's ability to make power, much like the backward power surge, but on a higher, more intense level. Some generators are able to right themselves when given a little time, but others will definitely need the services provided by an electrician.

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