Interior Decorating With Leds For Beauty And Safety

Energy efficient LED lights can be used throughout your home to enhance the appearance and provide safety for your family and guests. They are available in a number of styles and colors. Some can even be programmed to change colors to alter the mood in a room. Here is why you should consider decorating with LEDs and a few of the creative ways that you can use them in your home.

Why Decorate With LED Lights?

You can expect to get thousands of hours of life from LEDs in your home. They create less heat than other bulbs so they don't warm up the spaces where they are used. They can also be used in various temperature extremes, making them useful outside of the house, such as on a deck or patio. LED strips come in flexible sections that can follow the curves of your home's architecture. You'll find LED strips with white lights and solid colors to enhance various parts of your home.

Highlighting the Kitchen Space

Install LED strips above or beneath kitchen cabinets to create a soft glow in the room when the overhead lights are off. Place them behind translucent splash panels on the walls behind kitchen countertops. You can leave these energy efficient lights on all of the time or place them on a motion sensor to turn on whenever someone enters the kitchen.

Enhance Safety in Stairways

Use LED strips under hand railings and along the stair risers to make walking in darkened stairwells safer. You can use LEDs outside along your deck stairs and walkways to outline where people walk at night. Place exterior LEDs on solar sensors to come on when the sun goes down.

Create Depth on Your Ceilings With LEDs

A cove style ceiling creates a feeling of depth and makes a room feel larger. Have an electrical contractor place LEDs above ceiling molding to direct the light up toward the ceiling. This creates a soft glow that extends from the trim to the center of the ceiling, giving the illusion of a recessed ceiling. You can also place LEDs above window treatments and trim to shine upward on the wall. This makes the ceiling feel higher and the room larger.

Use LEDs to Highlight Favorite Room Accents

The soft light from LEDs make them ideal for highlighting art work in a room. Mount LED strips behind picture frames to create depth. When placed under glass topped tables, the soft light is reflected throughout the room. Use LEDs in curio cabinets and other display cases containing your favorite collections and artifacts.

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