5 Signs You May Soon Have Severe Electrical Problems

Serious electrical problems do not usually strike without warning. Often there are several warning signs before severe electrical problems occur. Here are some major clues you should be on the lookout for. These clues usually mean that it is time to call the electrician.

Frequent Breaker Tripping

Breakers will trip whenever there is an electrical overload and this helps to prevent fires. However, while a breaker that occasionally trips is no cause for concern, a breaker that trips regularly is not something that you should ignore. Breakers that frequently trip need to be examined by an electrician.

Constant Electrical Shocks

Mild electrical shocks when you touch appliances means that either the appliance or your electrical outlet is faulty. If the shocks are occurring frequently when you plug in the appliance, you should have the appliance checked for ground fault issues. If the appliance is fine then the problem is probably your electrical outlet. You should seek professional help.

Check For Overheating

Check the areas around your ceiling lights fixtures from time to time. If you find that they tend to be very hot, you should make sure that you have not used bulbs that exceed the recommended wattage for the light fixture. Bulbs that exceed the recommended wattage may eventually overheat and this can cause electrical fires. If overheating continues to be a significant issue after replacing bulbs that have too high a wattage, you should consider switching to LED bulbs or use florescent lights instead, since these tend to emit less heat. If bulbs with too high a wattage was never an issue and you have overheating bring in an electrician.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights may be a sign of serious electrical issues or they may not mean anything serious. Check if the light bulb is screwed in tightly, if the light bulb is tight then change the bulb, since it may have gone bad.If changing the bulb doesn't stop the flickering, then the wiring in the circuit breaker box may have come loose and you are looking at deeper electrical issues and it is time to call in an electrician.

Electrical problems in your home can happen at any time, and it is important that you know when to take action to correct these problems before they get out of control and result in complete electrical outage or electrical fires. By being proactive you can save your home from damages due to unseen electrical problems.

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