Shocking Information On Electricity And Lightning Storms

When there is a storm outside, it can be important for you to take steps to prepare yourself, your family and your belongings from damage that can occur if you happen to lose power or if there is a power surge. A power surge can happen if a bolt of lightning hits a nearby power line. When you experience a power surge, it can lead to electrical damages to your plugged-in electronics, and it can even pose a health and safety risk in certain situations if you get shocked. Read the information detailed here to learn about the different measures you should take to protect your home and the people and items in it during a storm.

Have an emergency kit on hand

You want to have a kit in the house that you can quickly turn to if the electricity goes out. This kit should contain everything you will need to see until the power comes back on or until the morning light arrives. These things include a dozen or so candles, flashlights for everyone in the household, extra batteries, a few books of matches stored in a plastic bag and candle holders if necessary.

Use surge protectors

It's important for you to use surge protectors to plug in your electronics, such as your TV's, cell phone and tablet chargers and especially your computers. A surge protector is a type of power strip that protects electronics from electrical surges. This protector works by cutting off the power to your electronics if there is an increase in the amount of voltage going through your outlet. This protects the electronics from frying. Be sure that you are buying a surge protector and not just a power strip, since they look alike.

Unplug electronics

If there is a thunderstorm anywhere near you, then you want to quickly unplug any electronics that aren't being protected by a surge protector.

Don't take a shower or use the water

You should stay away from water during a thunderstorm, and this includes the water that comes from the taps in your house. It's possible for the lightning to hit a metal pipe in your plumbing, and the electricity can then travel through the water, causing you to get electrocuted.

Verify your circuit breaker is up-to-date

An out-of-date circuit breaker panel will be more fragile when it comes to handling bursts of energy caused by storm-related energy spikes, which can lead to permanent damage a newer panel could have prevented. For this reason, check to see that your circuit breaker panel has enough breakers to handle the amount of circuits you need. If you find that your circuit breaker panel is lacking, then you want to have a new one installed as soon as you can. Contact an electrician like Pearson Electric, Inc. for more information on circuit breaker panel installation. 

Taking this advice help you to decrease the chances of damage or injury during a thunderstorm.

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