How To Tell If Your House Has Bad Electrical Wiring

If you have grown used to the look of the discolored outlet covers in your house, you might want to pay them a little more attention. The discoloration that you see might point to a bad electrical problem that can get worse if you don't get it diagnosed and repaired in a timely manner. Take a look at the list of electrical problems in this article that might require a fast repair by an electrician.

1. Erratic Dimming from Lights

When the lights in your home continuously goes from bright to dim, it is a sign that something is wrong with the wiring. Observe the light fixtures in your house to determine if all of them have the dimming problem, or if it is only happening with certain ones. It's possible that fixtures are the problem if they are old or were wired wrong during installation. Change the bulbs in the fixtures before assuming that the wiring is bad, especially if they haven't been changed in a long time.

2. Random Circuit Breakers Always Trip

It is normal for circuit breakers to trip every now and then if there are a lot of electronics in your house. However, if you notice that random circuit breakers more than normal, it can mean that there is bad wiring in several areas of your house. You might even have to get the entire house rewired. Keep in mind that circuit breaker are supposed to trip when there is an electrical problem, so make sure that the problem isn't occurring due to having too many electronics plugged up. You likely need an upgrade to the electrical panel if there is no bad wiring in your house that is causing the breakers to randomly trip.

3. Noise in Wall Outlets & Light Fixtures

If you are hearing noises inside of the wall outlets and light fixtures, it can mean that there are shorts in the wires. Wires that have shorts can overheat when least expected, especially if you the outlets and fixtures are in constant use. You might notice that noisy light fixtures also experience frequent problems with the bulbs blowing out shortly after they are placed in the sockets. A burning odor might also come from the outlets and fixtures when the wires overheat. Get in touch with an electrician (like those at Direct Current) so an appointment can be set for the wiring in your house to be inspected before a fire occurs.

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