4 Maintenance Tips To Help Keep A Wind Turbine Performing Its Best

Today, green energy is a technology that is being integrated into homes and businesses everywhere. If you have invested in renewable energy for your home, you may have a system of solar panels and wind turbines to maximize energy output. All of these systems require some maintenance, which wind turbines will need more of due to the many working parts and electrical motors that make them work. If you have invested in wind energy for your home, here are some tips to help you with the maintenance of these systems:

1. Keeping Bearings Oiled And Checking The Movement Of The Turbine

There are many sets of bearings and seals that help the wind turbine to move in the wind and protect parts from the elements. Over time, these materials can become worn. To protect it from wear, make sure that the turbine is always well-oiled and that the parts move freely. This can help extend the life of parts like bearings and seals that will eventually need to be replaced.

2. Changing Bearings And Seals That Have Become Worn

Over the years, seals and bearings of your wind turbine can eventually become worn and effect its performance. If you oil these parts and the turbine still does not move freely, it may be time to replace these parts. This may be something that you want to do more often if you monitor performance and see a significant drop in output.

3. Checking Wiring, Harnesses And Other Parts For Damage

The wind turbine you have installed for your home also has wiring, harnesses and other components. You will want to inspect these parts from time to time to make sure that they do not need replacing. If any of these materials are exposed to the elements, you may want to consider installing a conduit to help protect them.

4. Repairing Electric Motors That Have Failed Or Decreased Power Output

Another problem that can cause a drop in energy output with your turbine is an electric motor that has failed or needs to be rebuilt due to worn parts. You can remove the motor and take it to a professional electric motor repair service to have it reconditioned and ensure that your wind turbine is always performing like new.

These are some tips that will help you with the maintenance of the wind turbines that help provide your home with renewable energy. If you have noticed a decrease in energy output, contact an electrical motor repair service like Hackworth Electric Motors Inc to have them service the motor inside your turbine.

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