It's Electrifying: 3 Tricks For Solving Minor Electrical Problems

Having trouble with your electrical system? It's easy to assume that a problem with an outlet requires an immediate call to the electrician. Unfortunately, that might end up costing you money that you didn't need to spend. If you're having electrical problems, you might want to do a bit of troubleshooting before you call your electrician. Here are three steps you should take before you call for professional help.

Check the Breakers

If you're electricity isn't working, don't panic. The first thing you should do is check your breaker box. In most cases, a problem with your electricity can be traced back to your breakers. Find the electrical box for your home. It will be a large gray box on a wall. It could be either in a closet or outside near your electrical meter. Once you've located your electrical box, open the door.

You should be looking at several rows of black switches. Each switch controls a different section of your home. They should all be facing the same direction. If one or of the switches are facing the opposite direction, it means those breaker switches have been tripped. Switch those breakers to the off position and then back to on. This should fix the problem.

Check the GFCI Outlet

If some of the outlets and lights in your home aren't working, your GFCI outlet may have been tripped. Your GFCI outlet is the one that has two buttons on it, one red and one black. They should say test and reset on them. When an electrical device comes in contact with water while it's on, or your outlets overheat, the GFCI outlet will shut off. This will interrupt electrical power to the outlets that are on the circuit. Locate your GFCI outlet and hit the reset button. Once you've reset the outlet, go and check your power.

Reset the Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal suddenly stopped working. It's not making any noise at all when you turn it on. That doesn't mean the power is out to the unit. It could mean that the disposal unit is jammed and needs to be reset. Garbage disposals are equipped with an overload feature that will shut the unit down if it overheats. Look under your garbage disposal and you'll see a small reset button. Push the button and test your disposal again.

Minor electrical problems can be frustrating. Luckily, they can usually be taken care of in just a few simple steps. The information provided above will help you troubleshoot those minor electrical issues. If you're still experiencing electrical problems, contact an electrician like Conway Electric.

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