4 Signs Of Bad Wiring In A House

Have you noticed that the switch plates in each room of your house are always hot when you turn a light on or off? Hot switch plates are not a minor problem that should be overlooked, it is possible that there is bad wiring in your home that requires immediate attention from an electrician. In this article, you will find out what else can happen besides hot switch plates when there is bad wiring in a house.

1. Buzzing Noises in the Walls

If you are hearing buzzing noises inside of the walls of your house, it is a sign that there is possibly bad wiring present. You can walk around your house to listen for noises near electrical outlets, switch plates and light fixtures, as those are the common areas where buzzing sounds will come from with a wiring problem. You might also hear the buzzing sounds when turning lights on or off and plugging electronics into outlets.

2. Lights That Flicker in an Erratic Manner

When bad wiring is in a house, it sometimes leads to the lights flickering out of control. Before the wiring problem becomes too bad, the flickering may be less severe. You can easily tell if the flickering is from bad wiring if it is in more than one room of your house. Changing out the bulbs to see if the problem resolves itself is ideal before contacting an electrician. If the flickering continues, an electrician is needed as soon as possible.

3. A Burning Smell

When there is a burning odor in your house that you can't seem to figure out where it is coming from, it can mean that the wiring is bad. Check all of the outlets in your house to make sure there is no discoloration on the covers. You should also inspect the cords that are plugged into the outlets for discoloration and melting. The problem may stem from you having too many electronics plugged up at once, which might also cause frequent circuit breaker tripping. The electrical panel in your house might not have enough amps to handle all of the power demands, so it is causing the wires to burn.

4. Electronics Doesn't Come On

Bad wiring can lead to your electronics not coming on when plugged into certain outlets. If you are having such a problem, do not leave the electronics plugged into the outlets, as a fire can spark up. Contact an electrician to explain what is going on in your house. To learn more, speak with a business like A-Phase Electric.

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