Pets And Electricity: Dangers And Prevention

Your home can be subject to a variety of electrical problems, especially if your wiring is old or simply not up to code. Other electrical problems can stem from something friendly and cuddly, however. Your dogs and cats can harm and be harmed by your electrical system. Fortunately, you can take some steps to keep them and your home safe.


Baby animals, like baby humans, will chew on anything, including power cords. If they chew through to the wire, the can get a serious shock, causing severe physical problems or even death. They can also get a shock if they urinate on an exposed wire. If you find your pet near a power cord exhibiting unusual symptoms, such as rapid breathing, coughing, or convulsions, they may have experienced an electrical shock and need immediate medical attention.

Home Damage

Keeping your pet safe from electrical hazards will actually keep your family safer and help prevent damage to your appliances and your electrical system. If your pet chews through cords or becomes entangled in them, an electrical fire could start, endangering you and your home. A less serious effect can be damage to your refrigerator or other appliance.

If your pet does have some sort of electrical incident, you need to have your home checked out by a reputable electrician to make sure your wiring or connections have not been permanently damaged.


Pet proofing your house can be more difficult than child-proofing it because animals can get into smaller spaces. Since they love warm and cozy nooks, you need to seal off access to the spaces behind your televisions and computers.

These places attract your pets, especially in the winter, and they also pose the highest risk for them. Also, keep all of your electrical plugs pushed all the way into their sockets. Animals can easily get a serious shock by licking the exposed prongs.

You may try using a pet deterrent spray to keep your animals away from electrical dangers. If you have dogs, check your backyard to make certain that any electrical or cable lines have been buried properly so that they cannot dig them up and possibly suffer a shock. 

Your pets need to be protected from electricity for their own sake and for the safety of your family. Even your television cord can be the source of a deadly shock, especially for your puppy or kitten. Take preventative steps to protect everyone in your house from this problem. Contact a company like D & D Electric Enterprises, Inc. for more information.

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